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This Privacy Policy describes the information collected from visitors and customers of ("Website") and how this information is gathered and used. Our Privacy Policy may change at any time, without prior notice to anyone. It is up to you as the visitor of our Website to stay informed of any changes. This Privacy Policy applies only to information that you provide to Shop Brushy online while visiting, and does not apply to any information Shop Brushy received, obtained or may obtain through other offline (traditional) means.

Your privacy is extremely important to us! We value our website visitors and customers and we're committed to protecting the privacy of your information. Shop Brushy does not share your information outside our company except to conduct normal business transactions such as, but not limited to online purchases. Shop Brushy provides this Privacy Policy to assist your understanding of the information collected, how it's used, and the ways we maintain it, including the security of your personal information.



In order to maintain the content contained on, we may gather and store certain information about your visit. "General Information" is information about you or your activities through which you cannot be identified. This information may include some or all of the following items:



"Personal Information" is information through which you can be identified. Providing your personal information to Shop Brushy is each visitor, customer's personal choice. Personal Information that Shop Brushy collects from you includes, but is not limited to your name, postal address(es), telephone number(s), facsimile number(s), e-mail address(es), date of birth, and state issued, credit card number(s) and account information, bank account number(s) and account information, and any other information that you voluntarily provide. Personal Information volunteered by a visitor, customer is used by Shop Brushy for internal verification to complete transactions requested by the visitor, ensure appropriate legal use of any and all Shop Brushy goods and products, provide notification to its visitors, customers about Website, goods, products, news and event updates at Shop Brushy.

Your Personal Information is collected from our Website, through e-mail and/or through online applications you complete, our contact us page, and through your activities on Personal Information collected depends on the nature of your activities, including, but not limited to, whether you contact us through e-mail or our contact us page and/or purchase a product from our store. 

In addition to its own use, Shop Brushy may pass your Personal Information to a participating credit card processor, distributor, shipper and/or any of their authorized agents who provides the goods or services requested to meet the visitor, customer's needs. Shop Brushy may provide your e-mail address to vendors that it deems provide goods or services which you may need. You may opt out of receiving such vendor emails by contacting us at [email protected]

Shop Brushy may also use your Personal Information, or a portion thereof, to send you marketing and promotional materials, new product information, retail store information, information regarding the industry and/or vendors with information that you may need, unless you notify us that you do not wish to receive such materials. Shop Brushy may also use the services of bonded mailing houses that are authorized to use your Personal Information only for the benefit of Shop Brushy. Please contact Shop Brushy at [email protected] to request that you not be sent any or all of such information.

Shop Brushy may disclose your Personal Information if: (1) your information is subject to disclosure in response to judicial or governmental subpoenas, warrants, or orders served on Shop Brushy; (2) your information is subject to disclosure to protect Shop Brushy rights or property, to enforce the provisions of this Privacy Policy and/or Shop Brushy Terms of Use, and/or to prevent harm to yourself or other; and (3) your information is subject to disclosure or transfer if Shop Brushy or its business is sold or offered for sale to another entity or individual(s), a petition for relief is filed under U.S. Bankruptcy laws for or against Shop Brushy, or if Shop Brushy becomes subject to an order of appointment of a trustee or receiver.

Shop Brushy may hire companies to help deliver products or services, like a shipping company that delivers a package or a company that helps fulfill prizes for a sweepstakes. In those instances, there is a need to share your information with these companies. Shop Brushy may also work with other companies who help either gather your information or communicate with you. Your opt-out of receiving information from us and/or third parties will not apply to sharing by Shop Brushy of your personal information with any of these companies. Nonetheless, except as separately permitted by other provisions of this Privacy Policy, these companies are allowed to gather, receive, and use your information only for the purposes described herein or as required by law.

Unless legally required to do so, Shop Brushy will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to any third-party company or organization, except as described herein. This Privacy Policy excludes data that may be stored or transmitted to or from the Internet company hosting this



The use of "cookies" is a standard practice among websites. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer to uniquely distinguish your visit to a website. Cookies are most often used to track specific information regarding your activity on a particular website.

When you visit, we place a cookie in a directory of your computer's hard drive. The information that cookies collect includes the date and time of your visit and your registration information. Cookies offer you many conveniences for our Website. For example, they allow Shop Brushy to recognize certain information, such as your browser type, so we know if you can view any files requiring plug-ins. Cookies may be either permanent or temporary. Shop Brushy cookies are permanent which means the cookie stays on your hard drive until you delete it. You can delete our cookie at any time by following the instructions contained in your browser's help file, or by contacting the company providing your browser's technical support. Shop Brushy does not employ cookies to store information such as credit card numbers, telephone numbers, or any other Personal Information.



Shop Brushy does not knowingly solicit or collect information from children (defined as minors younger than thirteen (13) years of age). If you are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of eighteen (18) or the legal age of contract majority, and have authorized your child to use your computer, we urge you to instruct your child never to give out their personal information on this Website. There are no computer applications on this Website which allow for the determination of the age of a visitor, customer. All information volunteered to Shop Brushy will be treated the same as information given by an adult.



Because the security of your Personal Information is important to us we have implemented technical, administrative, and physical security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access and improper use. Shop Brushy makes access to your Personal Information subject to certain security measures, including technological controls such as "firewalls," in accordance with industry standards. When the use of any web page involves the transmission of Personal Information or confidential information, Shop Brushy uses the industry standard Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") technology to establish a secure connection between your computer and SSL allows the transmission of encrypted information from your computer to and back to the user, customer's computer. We review our security procedures in order to consider appropriate new technology and methods.

Be aware that no data transmitted over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, so while we strive to protect your Personal Information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you volunteer while visiting

Shop Brushy reserves the right to monitor all network traffic to this Website to identify and/or block unauthorized attempts or intrusions to upload or change information or cause damage to this Website in any manner. Anyone using this Website expressly consents to such monitoring.